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Pretty & Pure Organics

Guiding idea

Living consciously as an active choice - being present, coming back to our senses. Perceiving our humanity as a whole, not separately as a single individual, but in the context of our environment and society.

Drawing fully from our sensations and influences. Knowing that the condition of our skin is closely linked to our emotional well-being.

About the products

Pretty & Pure Organics products are manufactured in small batches in Zurich and in the canton of Bern. Plant oils, essences, herbs and active ingredients are used in organic quality - for beauty care that couldn`t be purer!

Pretty & Pure also takes care of the environment by dispensing with unnecessary outer packaging, using labels made of sustainable stone paper and offering refills.
The face and body care products filled in high-quality glass bottles and jars prove once again that natural cosmetics can not only be highly effective but also visually appealing.

The formulas were developed by the Pretty & Pure team and the raw materials were carefully selected. Of course, we were inspired by our experience with different active ingredients and textures and our many years of work as green beauty professionals.

More infos about Pretty & Pure Organics on our new website.

100% active / 100% natural /  organic ingredients / GMO free / handmade in Switzerland / vegan and cruelty free / minimal waste