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Miriam Jacks had the idea to design individually designed, colorful make-up brushes in 2009, while founding her beauty store in Berlin.

The brush hair was constantly developed further and so now all brushes of the JACKS beauty line are made of synthetic hair, which is just as soft and supple as real hair. It is 100% vegan, can be cleaned much easier and is therefore also longer lasting.

Currently there are 21 brushes from JACKS, which make the heart of every makeup lover beat faster. There is a suitable brush for every type of make-up application. 

In 2020 Miriam has expanded her product range with a "Clean & vegan" make-up line, "made in Germany". Her products are in no way inferior to the conventional make-up products of big well-known brands. Especially her Glow Foundation is insanely popular in the P&P community.