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CHF 24.00


A cup to relax, refill and restart - or simply a cup to unmynd

When life gets stressful (oh, and we know it can get) you need more than just energy. You need to be balanced, calm and focused to tackle your long to-do list. And you definitely need a me-moment. We got you!

100% Organic Ingredients - made with superfoods and adaptogens

Chocolate Chai Powder Mix is made with superfoods and adaptogens to support you on your busy days. We carefully blended selected natural ingredients from across the world for the best taste. Each ingredient plays an important role and comes with a long list of talents and health benefits.

Produced in Switzerland.
Step 1:
- Add 1 tsp/5g powder to a cup

Step 2:
- Mention 250ml plant drink & pour a little into the cup.

Step 3:
- Stir well, top up with remaining plant drink & enjoy.

We recommend oat drink for the best taste experience.

*Not suitable for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women
Premium cacao and coconut blossom sugar for that sweet moment and to brighten your mood

Cinnamon, turmeric and cardamom for that special something and to rebuild your natural strength

Maca for that extra kick of energy and to naturally balance your body`s response to stress

Ginger and cloves have immunity-boosting properties

A hint of himalayan salt to make the flavours pop, get you going and keep your fluids balanced

Last but not least black pepper to better absorb all the great nutrients

INCI: Cacao powder Criollo* strongly deoiled 70% (Peru), coconut blossom sugar*, cinnamon*, turmeric* 4% (India), maca* 3% (Peru), cardamom*, cloves*, ginger*, himalayan salt, black pepper*

*from controlled organic cultivation