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12 Palos Santo incense sticks packed in a jar with screw cap

The holy wood, as it is called in Spanish, comes from the Bursera Graveolens plant. This wood has been used for incense in South America for thousands of years.
The unmistakable warm-woody and slightly sweet scent with coconut, cinnamon and incense notes is beguiling.  

Among the indigenous people of South America, the shamans have used Palo Santo for incense since time immemorial, as the wood is said to have great magical powers. They use it in their rituals as protection against bad luck, nausea, sorcery, evil spirits and negative energies.

The Palo Santo tree is subject to nature conservation and the trade in its wood is highly regulated. These Palo Santo Sticks by KUSHI are made without damaging the tree. Only naturally dead wood from the dry forest on the coast of Ecuador is used. KUSHI`s Palo Santo is grown sustainably and without pesticides.
Whether for energy purification, meditation or for simple scenting of the living space.

1. light one end of a stick and let it burn until some embers are visible. (Eventually the resin that becomes liquid will be visible).

2. wipe out the embers and walk around the room or flat with the smoking Palo Santo.

3. then place the stick in a fireproof bowl and let it glow out.