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CHF 290.00

Treat your loved ones with a voucher for a workshop at Pretty & Pure.


You will learn the following:

Preparation of the skin / Your ideal eyebrow shape, including tracing and plucking eyebrows / Perfect foundation and how to lighten eye shadows / How to set highlights / Basic techniques of eye shadow application / How to draw an eyeliner and handle mascara / How to apply blush / How to contour the lips / How to apply and fix lipstick / Which brush to use for what and how brushes should be cleaned.

So that you still know how best to apply, for example, the eye shadow or blush at home, you will also put on your own makeup with guidance and help.

Incl. color and product advice / Tips for glasses wearers / Illustration of the look (face chart).

You may also bring your own products and brushes if you want to know whether the colors fit and how they should be applied and combined.

Choose whether you would like to receive a PRINT @ HOME voucher as a PDF by email for printing at home or forwarding by email OR whether you would like to order a physical voucher with a matching envelope by post. You can specify the delivery address during the order process.

The physical gift voucher will be sent priority and free of shipping costs.

Gift vouchers are also available during official opening hours in our shop in Zurich without prior notice.