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CHF 52.20


Fully organic maritime pine seed oil is packed with unique essential Delta-5 fatty acids, vitamin E and natural anti-oxidants. It oxygenates cells, smooths out wrinkles, repulps the epidermis and effectively fights skin aging, restoring suppleness and vitality. Recommended for women and men from 30 years old. Ideal for demanding and sensitive skin. Use morning and night.

Maritime pine seed oil penetrates the skin wonderfully and gives it all its benefits. It is a pure plant-based ingredient, not greasy and has many specific benefits, which make it a precious serum to return to and maintain perfect skin.
In the morning and/or evening rub 4 to 5 drops over the whole of your cleansed face from your neck to your forehead, like a serum.
For a comprehensive anti-aging face care treatment, then use Océopin anti-aging cream to enjoy the benefits of both.

To get the best out of the repulping effect, take time to massage your face from the middle out to the extremities. Don’t forget your neck … and breathe! Océopin face oil is ultra-fine and melts into the skin, giving it an immediate velvet feel.
Exclusive plant-based ingredients: pinus pinaster seed oil *

Naturally not greasy
No scent

* 100% of all ingredients were organically farmed

100% virgin maritime pine seed oil (Pinus Pinaster Seed Oil) from cold-pressed seeds harvested along the French Atlantic coast between Bordeaux and Cap Ferret. Totally organic cosmetic harvested and manufactured in France.