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What seems shocking at first quickly becomes addicting. Aesthetician grade facial tools for aesthetician grade results.

Designed to calm, depuff, and awaken skin.


Cold temperature use of the massage wands lifts, firms, tightens, calms, and strengthens skin. Aids lymphatic drainage for a brighter complexion.

Once chilled, their extreme cold temperature dramatically reduces inflammation, removes puffiness, firms and tightens skin’s appearance while stimulating cellular turnover and lymphatic function. Highly targeted cryotherapy encourages nutrient delivery and increased detoxification of cellular waste. Maybe be enjoyed frozen (freezer) or chilled (fridge).

Use cool over the eyes to instantly depuff and awaken the microcirculation of this delicate area.


Warm temperature use over face masks and serums enhances penetration of actives deeper into skin’s layers.

When enjoyed warm (wrap it up in a heating pad or warming cabinet) over mask treatments and serums to boost product penetration and install a deep calm before bed.
Always on a cleansed face, apply toning mist and face oil prior to act as a buffer. Our Floral Toner and Beauty oil suit perfectly for this purpose.
... Cold, Frozen, or Warm.

1. Start by warming up decolletè and neck area to stimulate lymphatic flow. Start at center of forehead and roll both wands out towards the temples.
2. Ease jaw tension by smoothing the tools from the corners of the mouth out and upt towards the ears.
3. Sculpt cheeks by gliding the wands from the corners of the nose out and up towards the ears, gently lifting.
4. Depuff eyes by gliding the tips of the wands from the inside of eyes out towards the temples over eye lids. Then proceed with cicular motions up and around eyes/brows.
5. Contour brows by gliding the rounded side over arches and out towards the temples, gently lifting.
6. For lymphatic drainage, hold wands under the center of the chin and glide along the jawline up towards the ears. Then, glide the tools down each side of the neck.

Repeat each motion at least 10 times.


Proper care for cryotherapy: After each massage, cleanse wands with gentle soap and water. Dry and return to the case in freezer.

Proper care for thermotherapy
After each massage, wash with gentle soap and water and dry after each use. When using warm, always test the temperature before use.
Materials: Aesthetician Grade Stainless Steel.