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Brume Fraîche, the strong feminine identity of waterlilies is caressed by the aquatic, calming notes of aloe vera. Brume Fraîche is for the woman who seeks purity, pursues a peace of mind, and craves crisp freshness. This hair perfume caters to your urge to relax at a spa, to unwind your mind and body, and relish in a moment of joie de vivre. A few sprays of Brume Fraîche will revitalise you like a luxurious treatment, or transport you to Monet’s celestial Jardin des Nénuphar. The shades of blue reflect the purity of water, home of the waterlilies, and the main extracts of aloe vera. The shape of the drawing shows you, under the influence of Brume Fraîche: tranquil in your mind, empowered in your being, and confident with your body.

Scents are crafted by EXPRESSION PARFUMEE in Grasse, Provence.

Top notes: Aloe-Vera
Heart notes: Jasmin & Water-Lily
Base notes: Cotton Flower
Top notes: Aloe-Vera
Heart notes: Jasmin & Water-Lily
Base notes: Cotton Flower



100% natural fragrances
They are certified natural by the ECOCERT certification by EU regulations.

Extract of Aloe Vera

Aloe barbadensis leaf extract and propylene glycol react together to create a nourishing active : the extract of Aloe Vera. Aloe vera, or aloe barbadensis, is used as an active ingredient to moisturize and refresh your hair.


The source of all life, these mists are based mostly on water —just like your body. Because of this, Brûmée fragrances leave a more subtle scent, but are kinder and less harsh than regular perfumes.

Denatured Alcohol

Basis of every perfume, alcohol is the solvent that allows the perfume to be distributed evenly throughout the brume. Most perfumes contain 80% alcohol; the brumes contain only 40% for a more gentle scent, that respects the hair.

We source all-natural ingredients to bring you the most beautiful product possible. If you have any questions regarding the ingredients, don`t hesitate to get in touch and we`ll happily enlighten you.
Brûmée understands the relation a woman feels from a deep breath of her freshly washed hair. Through a diversity of scented hair mists, we have offered to captivate that fulfilling feeling for you into an ongoing state. The goal of Brûmée is one: scent your hair to satiate your soul.

About the Founder: Dr Anne-Claire Walch
Taking her knowledge in pharmaceuticals and health to the south of France, Dr Anne-Claire Walch worked with experts in cosmetics and perfumery to create what she was after: a series of beautiful brumes crafted from raw and natural ingredients. Accessible, modern and carefree, each hair mist refreshes your everyday routine. Formulated with premium ingredients in the heart of Provence, each brume captures the sensual, vivacious, fresh feeling of being in nature, to be evoked with each spray.