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Bald wieder erhältlich

A unique liquid blend of 100% natural ingredients designed to improve skin texture and minimize imperfections. Our signature blend of botanicals, antioxidants, and probiotics synergistically help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, redness and blemishes. Daily use will provide a more evenly toned, blemish free, and radiant skin.
Sevani Secret: Mist and press into your skin with hands or apply with gauze for additional exfoliating benefits.
Use twice daily after cleansing for best results paying special attention to pigmented, red or dull, dehydrated areas. May be used on hands and body as needed to minimize imperfections.
Niacinimide (B3)- improves skin texture, helps minimize discoloration and age spots
* Panthenol (B5)- soothes and calms skin, helps minimize redness
* Green & Red Tea- antioxidant protection combats advanced aging
* Willowbark - helps to refine skin texture and provide a radiant glow
* Licorice Root - helps to minimize the appearance of age spots, and discoloration
* Neem - purifying botanical helps prevent and treat blemishes
* Sacred Lotus Extract - reduces redness and provides exceptional anti-aging benefits