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CHF 15.80


In the pine forest with its green and aromatic notes, suddenly the luminous smell of the immortelle flower is seen crossing one barefoot to reach the dune. This candle lights up as one wakes up a holiday memory, and in the air floats a delicate scent soothing and inspiring.

Devoid of paraffin and of any other mineral compound derived from the petrochemical industry, its 100% natural vegetable wax is made by hand with soy wax. Non-toxic, its pure cotton wick burns without harm. Each candle is packaged in a pretty pouch and has a lid that keeps its scent and protects it.
Regularly trim the wick with special wick-trimmer or with a chisel to avoid any unnecessary smoke.
100% natural soy wax

Perfume of natural origin

Pure cotton wick

Non-toxic, harmless candle

Handcrafted by hand