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Brush # 12 is the bestseller among all JACKS beauty line brushes! It was specially developed for applying foundation. Regardless of the type - whether powder foundation, liquid make-up or cream foundation - the tightly bound hair ensures a particularly even result. Because the hair is synthetic, it does not absorb any product, it just lets it lie on the surface. So you use much less product and the brush is also much easier to clean than, for example, a real hair brush. Our recommendation for all makeup beginners too!

✔ hand-painted with love and always unique
✔ 100% vegan and super soft
✔ highest quality, made in Germany
✔ 3 year guarantee
✔ easy to clean and maintain
Ideally, you should wash out your brushes once a week with soap. You can also use our Pretty & Pure 3 in 1 Cleansing Spray for on the go.